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Termites Dwell in The Dessert Too

I get asked all the time if there is termite activity in Arizona. People are always surprised by the answer: "There are two types of houses in Arizona, those that have termites and those that ...
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What's Wrong With This Picture?

Do you remember the magazine "Highlights for Children?" I think they still publish it. I used to like reading it when I was waiting at the dentist's office when I was a kid. We ...
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Go For The Gold!

I am proud to be an ASHI Certified Inspector. I am more proud to have earned ASHI's highest certification, the Gold Standard. I have trained hundreds of home inspectors and encourage them to ...
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This is what PB piping looks like

Many realtors and home owners ask me about polybutylene (PB) piping. These are two scary words sure to put a frown on any real estate agent's face. I come across it every few months and this is ...
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Homemade pie, Homemade pillows....Homemade security system?

I love things that are homemade. Some of the best gifts I ever got from my daughters were items made from their little hands. Things like a wobbly paperclip holder I keep on my desk and a ...
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Dissecting your home inspection report

When it comes to reading a home inspection report, home buyers usually belong to one of two camps: They either shudder at the site of the sometimes long document or curl up with a hot cup of coffee ...
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