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Before you list…Inspect!

Smart home sellers do many things before they list their home. They:

  1. Find a great Real Estate Agent
  2. Spruce up and unclutter their home
  3. Get a Home Inspection

These 3 steps are vital for a smooth sale. Have a home inspection conducted a few months before listing date can save the seller lots of money and tons of heart ache. By moving the inspection to the beginning of the sales cycle, sellers are able to shorten the process by removing obstacles before they can interfere with a potential sale, as it can uncover some issues in the home that may be lurking in the attic, roof, heating and air conditioning system or in one of the many other systems within a house.

It’s a win- win for the seller and their agent, as there will be no surprises and they’ll be fewer issues to negotiate at the 11th hour. It is also a guide for the seller and agent when filling out the Seller Property Disclosure Statement  (SPDS).

We work with many Realtors that advise their clients to have a pre-listing inspection. It’s smart advice that pays off.