Homemade Pie, Homemade Pillows… Homemade Security System?

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I love things that are homemade. Some of the best gifts I ever got from my daughters were items made from their little hands. Things like a wobbly paperclip holder I keep on my desk and a “World’s Best Dad” frame with a cute photo of us. I see many homemade things in other people’s homes too. Things that make me stop and smile. But I saw something homemade at an inspection recently that made me stop and shake my head…a homemade security system! Check out the photo! I know you just laughed out loud.

I guess one good thing you can say about this security system is that it is portable. It can be moved from room to room, depending on what you want to capture. I like the fashionable stand that it comes with too! Lovely paint buckets.

I know the home seller had their reasons for (ahem) installing this security system. It just gave me and the potential buyers and their Realtor a nice chuckle.

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