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Thermal Imaging (Infrared) Inspections

AZ Property Inspections is proud to offer the add-on service of thermal imaging. This type of inspection is truly a step into the future of home inspection. Thermal imaging helps discover potential home issues that would potentially not be seen during a typical home inspection through the use of an infrared cameras and specially trained home inspectors. Some of the attributes include:

Energy Efficiency – Missing, damaged, thin and displaced insulation shows up easily with the infrared camera with the potential for the homeowner to save thousands of dollars a year in electric costs.

Moisture Intrusion – Under specific circumstances, the inspector can locate water leaks behind or in walls, floors, ceilings and roof coverings. Finding a leak can easily save thousands of dollars in repairs and mold remediation costs.

Electrical – Thermal imaging can help locate defective or improperly installed breakers, switches, receptacles or other components before they overheat and cause a fire.

Limitations – The results of thermal imaging inspections is highly dependent on environmental factors such as weather, temperature, wind, humidity, and time of day.

Thermal imaging inspections are optional and will be included with the results of the inspection report.  Our certified residential thermographic inspectors will make every attempt to provide a thorough and detailed inspection report.

The photos below are a comparison of a photograph vs. thermograph (aka Infrared photo)

Photograph  Thermograph

The above images clearly show missing or a low amount of insulation in walls and ceilings which show up in white or bright orange. This can cost a property owner hundreds of dollars per year in electric costs and thousands of dollars lost over the course of owning a property.

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