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If you’re buying a home under construction, it’s wise to hire a 3rd party inspector. Many think a new home may be flawless and somewhat perfect, but it’s eye opening when an inspector finds multiple pages or major defects in a brand new home. Things such as missing insulation, derailed plumbing, haywire electrical and foundation issues.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, more than 3,000 components are used in constructing a house. That is a lot of parts and that number does not even include the fine detail of how critical components such as screws, nails, adhesives, and sealants are selected and installed. Roughly 20 different sub-contractors most likely install these 3,000 components and each sub-contractor may employ as many as 4 to 5 different employees to work on the house. Upon completion, a house could have seen more than 100 different tradesmen working with these 3,000 components, including sub-contractors for things such as roofing, framing, painting, drywall, electrical, flooring, appliances, insulation, etc.

AZ Property Inspections has conducted thousands of new construction inspections and we are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help guide new construction homebuyers with the information they need to discuss with their builder to make their home safe and sound.

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We provide and recommend 2 inspections

Pre Dry Wall Inspection

This is first time we look over the home before the walls are enclosed with drywall and inspect framing and systems installation. Issues such as site and grading, structure, foundation, framing, roof, plumbing, HVAC and electric are included in this inspection. This inspection happens after the entire frame has been built, the roof is on and the windows are installed, but before the sheetrock has been put into place. At this stage, we are checking things like the wiring, plumbing, window flashing, and other elements that are generally hidden behind the walls. If any problems crop up, the builder can repair them after the inspection and before going further with the project.

Final Walk Thru Inspection

This inspection is conducted right before the new happy homeowners are to do their final walk thru. All appliances and components are in the home and it is “Move In Ready” per the builder. But our inspectors are trained to notice details that escape the unpracticed eye. Homebuyers can add any issues we find to their final punch list and request that their builder complete them all prior to handing over the keys and moving in. At this stage, our inspectors are reviewing items such as roof, chimney, gutters, doors, windows, exterior items, garage, foundation, basements, and crawlspaces, HVAC systems, including the thermostat, plumbing, electrical, attic insulation, ventilation and appliances.

Both of these inspections typically cost between $325 and $400 each. It’s money well spent if there are unsafe issues lurking in the attic, roof or anywhere a new homeowner can not see.

We offer new building inspections in Phoenix, Tucson and Northern Arizona.

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