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We highly recommend!

Tim and his wife Liz responded immediately to my call for his services; a date was lined up per my convenience and a quote was given over the phone, followed by a confirmation by e-mail immediately. We were present during the inspection; Tim was on time, very patient with as many questions we had, very thorough with his poking and prodding into every nook and cranny and had his report typed into and printed on the premises as soon as his inspection was completed. He very thoroughly reviewed the booklet, which he provided, not only to us, but our realtor, also on the premises, allowing for as many questions, review of the item in question, etc as we had.Tim is very likable, very efficient and it was a pleasure doing business with him. We highly recommend him to anyone needing his expertise/services. Thank you!

Patrice L. Phoenix , AZ July 4, 2018

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Like He was Buying it for Himself!

Tim makes you feel as if he is buying the home for himself and makes just as much of thorough inspection as if it were that way. I would recommend him over and over again with confidence that they would recommend as I would, directly after their experience with him. I will be moving into my home with confidence and peace of mind thanks to Tim.

Vanessa M. Phoenix , AZ July 4, 2018

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A Super Nice Guy!

"If you need a home inspection and want to be sure you're getting the whole story, call Tim & Liz O'Neall at AZ Property Inspections! Not only is Tim an excellent inspector, he's also a super nice guy! He probably doesn't want me to say it, but I followed him around and had fun! "

Steve M. Phoenix , AZ July 4, 2018

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Very Reliable and Thorough!

"I purchased a short sale property in Equestrian and needed a VERY reliable and thorough inspector to make sure I knew what I was getting into. I had used Tim O'Neall once before so I gave him a call. He was extremely professional (arrived on time, discussed rates and services up front) and then an absolutely amazing and thorough job inspecting my potential home. Armed with a book of information from the major (A/C units) to the minor (cracked switch plates, bad doorbell) provided by Tim, I was able to negotiate a better price on my house, AND (more importantly) to know exactly what I was getting into. We've been here for over 2 years now, and I can honestly say that I probably would not have made the leap had I not been armed with the confidence that Tim's inspection and report provided me. I would (and have) recommend Tim to anyone in Phoenix who ever needs a home inspection."

Gene L. Phoenix , AZ July 4, 2018

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Very Assured with Report!

I had the pleasure of using AZ Property Inspections' services for the home I have recently purchased and they performed a very thorough and detailed inspection of the entire premises including the roof to the inside. I was very assured with the report and would highly recommend AZ Property Inspections to anyone in need of an inspector.

Steve D. Phoenix , AZ July 4, 2018

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Checked Every Nook and Cranny!

"I recently had the opportunity to work with Tim O’Neall of AZ Property Inspections. He inspected an older home that I purchased. He was just amazing. He arrived promptly and he checked every nook and cranny of that house. Things I didn't even know that an inspector would or should cover he went over. Certainly he was more thorough than any other inspector I have hired. Not even the tiniest detail was left uncovered, down to the light bulbs! After he completed his investigation, he promptly printed a copy of the report and personally went over every detail right there in the kitchen. Wow! There was none of this "I'll get back you later" stuff. I would absolutely recommend Tim to anyone needing a home inspection. He is, without a doubt, the most trustworthy, reliable and meticulous man for your job."

Kelly B. Phoenix , AZ July 4, 2018

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Inspection Report was Excellent!

"My husband and I made an offer on a foreclosed property in "dire need of repair", but had good potential. Our realtor has worked with Tim and said he is a great inspector. The realtor stated that he goes over items that other inspectors wouldn't, no stone is left unturned. She said he actually "scares" her "fixer up" customers he is so complete. That is exactly what we wanted!!! We thought his price was amazing! Tim contacted us right away, emailed us the contract, we made the appointment. The evening of the inspection the report with pictures were e mailed back to us. His inspection report was excellent. We needed to know everything that was wrong with the place so we weren't buying a "money pit". I would not hesitate to use Tim again and I will recommend him as the best!!"

Betty B. Phoenix , AZ July 4, 2018

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Peace of Mind!

"This group came out last minute....did an extremely complete home and termite inspection, and printed out the findings on the spot. They then walked through the report to make sure we understood it completely. Gave us great piece of mind to move forward with a very rushed sale!"

Lynne S. Phoenix , AZ July 4, 2018

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Inspector Tim was checking every single detail

Choosing a home inspection company was not easy !!!!
the fun part about that we got referred to
Az Property Inspections by our realtor.
We were so glad that we scheduled with them right the way to have them take a look at my new home .
Of course you have to go in certain steps before you have them inspect you home .
Our experience starts with the help and the customer service I got from the lady over the phone was beyond my expectation who transferred me to one of the owner Liz who explained for us how the process will goes .
When the day of the inspection it happened to be that we were at this new home during the inspection .
Mr Tim was earlier for the appointment scheduled
While we were going through our new home and see the final touch up .
I was able to observe Tim,,who was checking every single details .
I was surprised with his proficiency of noticing any small issues that usually people will pass over it .
After this process we received a complete report that helped us to go over with the builder to fix some of the issues our Inspector found before we closed .
Definitely I will highly recommend them to anyone wants to go into a new home with a peace of mind .
Thank you for seeing what we cannot see with high professionalism and reasonable price.

Jessie D. Maricopa , AZ July 4, 2018

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Much better than any other inspections we have had with …

I had the best experience with AZ Property Inspections. I was purchasing an almost 30 year old house with everything original and really needed a a company that had an eye for detail to do the inspection. We called and made an appointment with Tim. He was right on time( a pet peeve of mine) and was very professional. He did a thorough inspection of our home , gave us our report and spent a good amount of time going over any questions we had. He even quickly responded to some questions a few days later regarding the report. I would recommend this company to anyone that wanted a professional and thorough inspection experience. Much better than any other inspections we have had with previous home purchases.

Laura Z. Phoenix , AZ July 4, 2018

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Peace of Mind!

Every Home Inspector from their team is kind, patient, professional, knowledgeable and very thorough. Each time my clients choose AZ Property Inspections I know that they will be in good hands!

Cinnamon WIlliams, Realtor Phoenix , AZ July 4, 2018

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AZ Property Management does an excellent job! Not only do they inspect with great detail they make sure their clients understand the report and answer all questions! They are timely, reliable and trustworthy. Each time my clients choose AZ Property Management they are very satisfied.

Lori September 20, 2018

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