Apr 26, 2017 | | Maricopa, AZ
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

Choosing a home inspection company was not easy !!!!the fun part about that we got referred to Az Property Inspections by our realtor.We were so glad that we scheduled with them right the way to have them take a look at my new home .Of course you have to go in certain steps before you have them inspect you home .Our experience starts with the help and the customer service I got from the lady over the phone was beyond my expectation who transferred me to one of the owner Liz who explained for us how the process will goes .When the day of the inspection it happened to be that we were at this new home during the inspection .Mr Tim was earlier for the appointment scheduled While we were going through our new home and see the final touch up .I was able to observe Tim,,who was checking every single details .I was surprised with his proficiency of noticing any small issues that usually people will pass over it .After this process we received a complete report that helped us to go over with the builder to fix some of the issues our Inspector found before we closed .Definitely I will highly recommend them to anyone wants to go into a new home with a peace of mind .Thank you for seeing what we cannot see with high professionalism and reasonable price.

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